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BORA Xpress.png Applies to BORA Xpress

History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Notes
0.9.0 September 2015 Internal draft
1.0.0 July 2016 First Public Release

Introduction[edit | edit source]

BORA Xpress supports two different Zynq part numbers: XC7Z015 and XC7Z030. XC7Z015 integrates GTP transceivers whose maximum data rate is 6.25 Gbps. XC7Z030 integrates GTX transceivers instead. In this case maximum data rate is 6.6 Gbps.

Actual maximum attainable data rate is determined by several factors, many of which are related to the carrier board design. One important factor that lies in the middle of the SoM/carrier stacking is the connectors mating.

This Technical Report describes the tests that have been performed on BORA Xpress's serial transceivers with the Vivado 2014.4 Serial I/O Analyzer and IBERT IP. These are valuable tools are very useful to provide a first order approximation of the characterization of such a mating. For more details on these topics please refer to [UG936], [UG908] and [Using Vivado Serial IO Analyzer].

Documentation[edit | edit source]

Please download the application note in PDF format.