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Maya 03.png Applies to Maya

Overview[edit | edit source]

DM8148 processor provides a rich video subsystem that integrates input ports. These are described in detail on chapter 12 of [1] Technical Reference Manual.

Three video inputs are available:

  • VIN0 (in turn splittable in two subports)
  • VIN1 (in turn splittable in two subports)
  • camera parallel interface (CPI).

From the architectural standpoint, VIN0 and VIN1 ports belong to the HDVPSS subsytems. For the sake of completeness a simplified block diagram of it is shown below.


Camera parallel interface belongs to the Imaging Subsystem (ISS) instead. As ISS documentation is released under NDA, no information are provided here. For more details about it please contact your local Texas Instruments sales representative or FAE.

Main features[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of VIN0/VIN1 main features:

  • The HDVPSS supports two independently configurable external video input capture ports with up to 165MHz.
  • Each video input capture port can be operated as one 24-bit mode to support RGB capture or 16-bit input channel (with separate Y and Cb/Cr inputs) or two clock independent 8-bit input channels (with interleaved Y/C data input).
  • Support both embedded sync and discrete sync
  • The video capture port channel supports de-multiplexing of both pixel-to-pixel and line-to-line multiplexed streams.
  • Up to 1920x1200@60 Hz (165 MHz) input data rate supports 16-bit mode input port.
  • Each video capture port supports one scaler capable of both up and down scaling of one non-multiplexed input stream (one of two 8-bit channel inputs or 16-bit channel input data). Note that if the source is from external video decoder/camera, only down scaling is supported.
  • Each video capture port supports one programmable color space conversion to convert between 24-bit RGB data and YCbCr data.
  • The VIP supports data storage in RGB, 422, and 420 formats.
  • Each video capture port channel supports chroma down-sampling (422 to 420) for any non-multiplexed input data. The chroma down-sampling for multiplexed streams is done as memory to memory operations outside of HDVPSS on an individual frame data.

Routing on Maya connectors[edit | edit source]

The following tables lists which signals - referred to video input/output ports - are routed to Maya SODIMM connector and thus are available to user application. It is also useful to visualize potential issues due to the pads' multiplexing scheme.

PAD VIN0 CPI VIN1 VOUT0 VOUT1 VOUT1 (HDMI) TV_OUT Available on Maya connector (SODIMM pin #)
AE17 B_CLK Y (152)
AB20 A_CLK Y (155)
AC16 A_D23 D15 N
AC21 A_D22 D14 N
AE18 A_D21 D13 N
AC17 A_D20 D12 N
AF21 A_D19 D11 N
AF20 A_D18 D10 N
AB21 A_D17 D9 N
AA21 A_D16 D8 N
AC14 A_D15_BD7 SHUTTER Y (149)
AC12 A_D14_BD6 STROBE Y (147)
AF17 A_D13_BD5 RESET Y (145)
AG17 A_D12_BD4 Y (143)
AH17 A_D11_BD3 WE Y (141)
AH9 A_D10_BD2 Y (137)
AG9 A_D9_BD1 Y (135)
AB15 A_D8_BD0 Y (133)
AA11 A_D7 Y (131)
AH16 A_D6 Y (129)
AG16 A_D5 Y (127)
AH8 A_D4 Y (125)
AE12 A_D3 Y (123)
AC9 A_D2 Y (119)
AB11 A_D1 Y (117)
AF9 A_D0 Y (115)
AE21 A_DE / B_HSYNC Y (148)
AC20 A_HSYNC Y (161)
AA20 A_FLD / B_VSYNC Y (146)
AD20 A_VSYNC Y (159)
AD17 B_FLD D4 Y (154)
AC22 A_FLD D5 Y (151)
AC15 B_DE D6 Y (156)
AB17 A_DE D7 Y (153)
AF18 PCLK Y (69)
AD18 D3 G_Y_YC[1] N
AC18 D2 G_Y_YC[0] N
AC19 D1 R_CR[1] N
AA22 D0 R_CR[0] N
AE23 HS B_CB_C[1] N
AD23 VS B_CB_C[0] N
AB23 WE / FLD FLD Y (105)
AE27 A_D23 R_CR[2] HPDET N
AG28 A_D22 R_CR[3] SDA N
AF27 A_D21 G_Y_YC[2] SCL N
Y24 A_D20 R_CR[9] N
W23 A_D19 R_CR[8] N
V22 A_D18 R_CR[7] N
AA25 A_D17 R_CR[6] N
AC26 A_D16 R_CR[5] N
AG27 A_D15 R_CR[4] N
AD26 A_D14 G_Y_YC[9] N
AE26 A_D13 G_Y_YC[8] N
AF26 A_D12 G_Y_YC[7] N
AH27 A_D11 G_Y_YC[6] N
AG26 A_D10 G_Y_YC[5] N
W22 A_D9 G_Y_YC[4] N
Y23 A_D8 G_Y_YC[3] N
AF28 A_D7 B_CB_C[2] CEC N
AA24 A_D6 B_CB_C[9] N
AH26 A_D5 B_CB_C[8] N
AC25 A_D4 B_CB_C[7] N
AD25 A_D3 B_CB_C[6] N
AF25 A_D2 B_CB_C[5] N
AG25 A_D1 B_CB_C[4] N
AH25 A_D0 B_CB_C[3] N
R23 B_D7 N
P23 B_D6 N
G28 B_D5 N
H27 B_D4 N
J26 B_D3 N
R25 B_D2 N
L23 B_D1 N
L24 B_D0 N
AD12 CLK Y (61)
AF14 G_Y_YC[9] Y (80)
AE14 G_Y_YC[8] Y (78)
AD14 G_Y_YC[7] Y (76)
AA8 G_Y_YC[6] Y (74)
AB12 G_Y_YC[5] Y (72)
AB8 G_Y_YC[4] Y (70)
AH15 G_Y_YC[3] Y (68)
AH7 G_Y_YC[2] Y (66)
AG15 B_CB_C[9] Y (62)
AF15 B_CB_C[8] Y (60)
AB10 B_CB_C[7] Y (58)
AC10 B_CB_C[6] Y (56)
AD15 B_CB_C[5] Y (54)
AD11 B_CB_C[4] Y (52)
AE15 B_CB_C[3] Y (50)
AG7 B_CB_C[2] Y (48)
AC13 R_CR[9] Y (87)
AE8 R_CR[8] Y (85)
AF12 R_CR[7] Y (83)
AF6 R_CR[6] Y (81)
AF8 R_CR[5] Y (79)
AA9 R_CR[4] Y (77)
AB9 R_CR[3] Y (75)
AD9 R_CR[2] Y (73)
AB13 VSYNC Y (65)
AC11 HSYNC Y (63)
AF18 FLD Y (69)
AA10 FLD/AVID Y (67)
AH21 DN2 N
AG21 DP2 N
AH20 DN1 N
AG20 DP1 N
AH19 DN0 N
AG19 DP0 N
AF24 SCL Y (165)
AG24 SDA Y (167)
AH24 OUT0 Y (18)
AH22 OUT1 n

Following is a brief summary of video input ports available on Maya connector:

  • VIN0A: available (16/8-bit only)
  • VIN0B: not available
  • VIN1A: not available