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SBC-AXEL-02.png Applies to SBC AXEL

Display-adapter-SBCAL10[edit | edit source]


Specification[edit | edit source]

This ADD-ON is suitable to be mounted on the Single Board Computers' WIDE connector or to support Display and Touchscreen AM-800480SETMQW-TA1H.

Main Features[edit | edit source]

Part Number Manufacturer Size Type Resolution RGB bit Brightness Power Sequence LCD PSU BL Touchscreen Adapter
AM-800480SETMQW-TA1H Ampire 7" LVDS 800x480 18 300cd/m2 N 3V3 5 Capacitive - EETI eGalax (EETI EXC7200 +EX5404) SBCAL10

Pinout and detailed pin functions[edit | edit source]

Pinout reference[edit | edit source]

This chapter contains the pinout description of the Single Board Computers, grouped in tables that report the pin mapping of the Single Board Computers' connectors.

The following table reports the connector's pinout: SBC's pinout

Mechanical information[edit | edit source]

The following image shows the module dimensions:

SBCCAL10 dimensions
SBCCAL10-SBCX dimensions

Layout[edit | edit source]

The following images show the module layout:

The component view (top and bottom) is avalable as PDF file:

3D[edit | edit source]