Developing the software for the target (DIVELK)

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Diva-am335x-overview.png Applies to Diva
Yocto-logo.png Applies to Yocto

200px-Emblem-important.svg.png As the DIVELK kit is based on Yocto, the implementation of the MVM follows the approach described here. As such, the reading of this section is highly recommended. 200px-Emblem-important.svg.png

U-Boot and Linux kernel[edit | edit source]

The U-Boot and the Linux kernel are typically built without invoking the Yocto build system.

Please refer to the following links for the specific instructions describing these operations:

Root file systems and SDKs[edit | edit source]

The root file systems and the associated SDKs are built with the tools provided by the Yocto build system. For more details please refer to this page.