Dacu for the Axel SOM

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Info Box
Dacu-top-view.png Applies to Dacu
Axel-04.png Applies to Axel Ultra
Axel-lite 02.png Applies to Axel Lite
Axel-02.png Applies to AXEL ESATTA

Introduction[edit | edit source]

When used in combinaton with Axel Ultra, DACU requires the use of AxelEVB-Lite acting as adaptation board. The overall system looks like the following picture and it is composed by

  • Axel Ultra SOM
  • AxelEVB-Lite
  • Dacu carrier board.


In order to make DACU compatible with this configuration, some additional wired connections are required, as detailed in the schematics. The following sections explains in more detail these issues.

Block diagram[edit | edit source]

The following figure shows the system block diagram:

Dacu-axel-block diagram.png

Schematics[edit | edit source]

200px-Emblem-important.svg.png Please note that Orcad CIS is required to get all the information about BOM variants included in .dsn files.

PDF files show the view of the default BOM variant used to manufacture the board. Components that are not populated are denoted as "Do Not Stuff".


BOM[edit | edit source]

  • coming soon