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We Make Embedded Simple
A smart camera proof of concept
DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA XILINX ZYNQ SoM with Lumineq Display
Double video controller on DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA platform (XILINX Zynq based solution)
DAVE Embedded Systems @ Embedded World 2015
DAVE Embedded Systems demonstrates Matrix multiply HLS IP with DAVE BORA kit at Embedded World 2015
Dido demo: picture in picture of dual 1080p60 videos
A virtual tour of our booth at the Embedded World 2014!
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean running on Diva AM335x
Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich running on Naon
Embedded World 2013: visiting DAVE Embedded Systems' booth
DAVE Embedded Systems DACU Android Multitouch demo
Running sample application on DAVE Embedded Systems' DACU Android platform
DAVE Embedded Systems Company Profile video presentation
EW2012: A quick look on DAVE Embedded Systems' booth
EW2012: Naon Live Demo at DAVE Embedded Systems' booth
Android 2.1 running on Lizard
OpenFirmware on Intel ATOM

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