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{{Applies To Bora}}
= Application notes =
== XELK ==
* [[AN-XELK-002: Using USB Ethernet adapter instead of native MAC controller]]
* [http://wiki.dave.eu/index.php/Application_Notes_(Axel)#AN-XELK-001:_Asymmetric_Multiprocessing_.28AMP.29_on_Axel_.E2.80.93_Linux_.2B_FreeRTOS AN-XELK-001: Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) on Axel – Linux + FreeRTOS]
= BELK =
* [[AN-BELK-006: Enabling dual Gigabit Ethernet support on BoraEVB]]
* [[AN-BELK-005: Interfacing BoraEVB to thin film electroluminescent display]]
* [http://wiki.dave.eu/index.php/AN-BELK-004:_Interfacing_BoraEVB/BoraXEVB_to_TFT_LCD_display AN-BELK-004: Interfacing BoraEVB to TFT LCD display]
* [[AN-BELK-003: Interfacing DDR3 SDRAM to PL]]
* [[AN-BELK-002: Trace on the Bora AMP (Linux + FreeRTOS) system]]
* [[AN-BELK-001: Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) on Bora – Linux FreeRTOS]]

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