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Version Issue Date Notes
1.0.0 Sep 2021 belk-4.1.5

Release Notes[edit | edit source]

DAVE Embedded Systems adds to the latest Linux BSP from Xilinx the customization required to support the SOC platform. For this reason most of the documentation provided by Xilinx remains valid for the BELK development kit.

However, some customization is required, in particular at bootloader and linux kernel levels.

The following table reports the BELK releases information.

BELK version
Release number 4.1.5
Release type Minor (base on BELK 4.0.0 major release)
Status Released
Release date Sep 2021
Release notes Ver 4.1.5
Product support BORA Lite
MVM (distro version) Ubuntu 16.04
U-Boot version 2017.01-belk-4.1.5
Linux version 4.9.0-bora-4.1.4

SPI NOR Flash (boot)
UART debug (2-wire)

Ethernet0 gigabit

Vivado version 2017.1
Build System Yocto Morty (2.2)

BELK 4.1.5[edit | edit source]


New MVM must be installed for using BELK-4.1.0. The VM is available for download on DAVE's BORA Reserved Area for registered users.

Release notes:

  • Updated u-boot version for BORA Lite support (updated defconfig for NOR and SD boot)

Known Limitations[edit | edit source]

The following table reports the known limitations of this BELK release:

ID Component Subsystem Description
0002 BoraXEVB ETH1 interface Please refer to this application note for second Ethernet interface support.
For applying the AN on BTELK, the BORA Lite adapter should be properly modified.
For more details please refer to DAVE Helpdesk
0003 BoraXEVB RTC Date/time retention is limited to about 4 hours.
0004 BoraXEVB System clock runs slower As per Xilinx issue, @333MHz (speedgrade -3) system clock is slower then expected
006 BoraXEVB Watchdog It is not possible to configure the watchdog settings using S1, S2 and S3 settings.

The watchdog parameters are fixed on BORA Lite SOM: please contact Helpdesk for more information

007 BoraXEVB LVDS/touchhscreen BORA Lite adpater is configured for accessing the PMOD-Aperipheral:
the LVDS and touchscreen usage is available only with a proper modification of BORA Lite adapter mounting option.

Downloadable binary images[edit | edit source]

All binary images for BELK are hosted on DAVE Embedded System mirror server. There you can find a sub directory for each version of this development kit.

U-boot performs 2-stage bootloader providing two files: boot.bin and u-boot.img. Both two files must be stored into SD card using dd command.

A summary of images with a brief description can be found into the table below:

Image BELK version 4.1.5
bootscript boot.scr
SPL boot.bin
u-boot u-boot.img
Linux kernel uImage
Device tree bora.dtb

Release types[edit | edit source]

BELK release type can be:

  • Major, when substantial changes are applied to the BSP (eg: major kernel version upgrades) or to the development kit (eg: new features, build system updates, ..). This usually means that a new DVDK is created for the BELK release
  • Maintenance, when minor updates and bug fixes are introduced. This usually means that the DVDK remains the same provided with the previous major version, and only an update of the source tree repositories (and the tftp binaries) is required

As an example, BELK 4.1.0 is a maintenance release, so it provides the DVDK released with the 4.0.0 major release; customers can easily upgrade to the 1.1.0 release by updating the software components as described in Synchronizing git repositories.