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BELK-AN-002: Trace on the Bora AMP (Linux + FreeRTOS) system

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Bora5-small.jpg Applies to Bora
Warning-icon.png This application note was validated against specific versions of the kit only. It may not work with other versions. Supported versions are listed in the History section. Warning-icon.png


This application note describes how to configure TRACE32 ® debugger to support debug and trace of Linux running on the first Zynq core, and FreeRTOS, running on the second Zynq core. This application note is the proper continuation of the previously releseased AN-BELK-001 “AMP on Bora - Linux and FreeRTOS”, which describes how to build the software components required to set up asymmetric multi-processing (AMP)” on Bora.


Please download the application note in PDF format.