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Peripheral SDIOEdit

AXEL Lite SOM provides up to three SDIO interfaces; due to PINMUX restrcitions and usa of the NAND controller onboard, a typical usage on AXEL Lite SOM is the following one:

  • SD1 configured in 4-bit mode and used as boot device (with BOOT_SEL)
  • SD2 configured in 4-bit mode
  • SD3 configured in 8-bit mode: a typical connection for this interface is forx interfacing an external eMMC storage device


The SDIO interface available on AXEL Lite is based on i.Mx6 SoC.

The SDIO port supports the following standards and features:

  • 1-bit or 4-bit transfer mode specifications for SD and SDIO cards up to UHS-I SDR-104 mode (104 MB/s max)
  • 1-bit, 4-bit, or 8-bit transfer mode specifications for MMC cards up to 52 MHz in both SDR and DDR modes (104 MB/s max)
  • Compatible with SD Memory, miniSD Memory, SDIO, miniSDIO, SD Combo, MMC and MMC RS, embedded MMC and embedded SD cards
  • Up to 200 Mbps data transfer for SD/SDIO cards using 4 parallel data lines
  • Up to 416 Mbps data transfer for MMC cards using 8 parallel data lines
  • Up to 832 Mbps data transfer for MMC/SD cards using 8 parallel data lines in DDR mode
  • Dual internal 32x32-bit FIFOs

Pin mappingEdit

The Pin mapping is described in the Pinout table section