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| [[File:AXEL_Lite-top-view.png|thumb|300px|AXEL Lite TOP view]]
| [[File:AXEL_Lite-top-view.png|thumb|300px|AXEL Lite TOP view]]
| [[File:AXEL_Lite-bd.png|thumb|350px|AXEL Lite Block diagram]]
| [[File:AXEL_Lite-bd.png|thumb|325px|AXEL Lite Block diagram]]

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AXEL Lite SOM HW Manual

AXEL Lite TOP view
AXEL Lite Block diagram
Sale-tag.png AXEL Lite SOM RFQ Request For Quotation


Customers are strongly recommended to register their kits. Registration grants access to reserved material such as source code and additional documentation.

To register the kit, please send an email to helpdesk@dave.eu, providing the kit P/N and S/N.

Pdf-logo.png [link_TBD AXEL Lite Hw Manual]

Connectors and Pinout Power and Reset Peripherals Electrical, Thermal and Mechanical Features