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AXEL Lite SOM/AXEL Lite Evaluation Kit/Interfaces and Connectors/PCIe

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ID# Issue Date Notes


28/10/2020 First DESK release




J34 is a 20x2x1.00 mm One Piece Interface dedicated to the MIPI camera input and the PCI Express expansion bus interface.


The following table describes the interface signals:

Pin# SOM Pin# Pin name Pin function Pin Notes
1 - 5V_IN
2 J10.64 PCIE_WAKE_B
3 J10.97 AUX_PWR_EN connected to GPIO4_IO10 (KEY_COL2)
4 J10.76 PCIE_RST_B
6 J10.74 PCIE_DIS_B
7 J10.84 PCIE_CLKN
9 J10.86 PCIE_CLKP
10 J10.92 PCIE_RXN_R
12 J10.94 PCIE_RXP_R
16 J10.96 PCIE_TXN_C
18 J10.98 PCIE_TXP_C
20 - 3V3
25 J10.102 CSI_CLK0M_1
26 J10.48 CSI_SDA
28 J10.38 CSI_SCL
5, 8, 11,
14, 17, 23,
24, 29, 30,
35, 36
- DGND Ground

Device mappingEdit

The PCI express peripheral is mapped to the corresponding device in Linux depending on the associated kernel device driver and on the device tree configuration.