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2021/09/09 New documentation layout

HDMI[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

SBCX provides an HDMI 1.4a compatible interface, including the HDMI controller and PHY, routed to a standard HDMI Type A receptacle.

HDMI connectors

Signals[edit | edit source]

The following table describes the interface signals:

Pin# SOM Pin# Pin name Pin function Pin Notes
1 J10.125 HDMI_D2P TX pair 2 data +
3 J10.123 HDMI_D2N TX pair 2 data -
4 J10.121 HDMI_D1P TX pair 1 data +
6 J10.119 HDMI_D1N TX pair 1 data -
7 J10.117 HDMI_D0P TX pair 0 data +
9 J10.115 HDMI_D0N TX pair 0 data -
10 J10.113 HDMI_CLKP Tx pair clock +
12 J10.111 HDMI_CLKN Tx pair clock -
13 J10.127 CE_REMOTE_OUT Consumer Electric Control
15 J10.101 DDC_CLK_OUT I2C clock
16 J10.103 DDC_DAT_OUT I2C data
18 - 5V +5V output Internally limited to 135mA
19 J10.129 HDMI_HP_OUT Hotplug detection
2, 5, 8,
11, 17
- DGND Ground
14 - NC Not connected
20, 21,
22, 23
- SH_HDMI Shield

Device mapping[edit | edit source]

HDMI video is mapped to the corresponding device driver in Linux, depending on the device tree configuration. If this is the only video output, then the default value is mapped to /dev/fb0.

Device usage[edit | edit source]

The associated framebuffer device is accessed in Linux through the standard graphic access.