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Power supply unit (PSU) and voltage domains (SBC Lynx)

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PSU structure and voltage domains organization
PMIC is in turn powered by a 2A DC/DC converter that is enabled by SXUB_ENA signal, available on [[Connectors,_buttons_and_switches_(SBC_Lynx)#CPU_ONOFF_.2F_Power_Reset_connector_.28J50.29|J50 connector]]. This signal is connected to VIN through a 100 kOhm resistor and to ground through a 56 kOhm resistor. As such, by default it enables if J50.2 is left floating, DC/DC regulator is enabled when VIN is applied. Nevertheless, SXUB_ENA can be driven by external circuitry to turn the regulator off, even if VIN is the range 5 - 24V.
Two of the supplies generated by PMIC are available to power external devices or add-on boards.

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